Monday, May 17, 2010

Why are Workplace Romances More Common Than Ever?

Although relationships between co-workers were once considered taboo, they are now more common than ever. With more women in the workforce than at any point in history, people working longer hours, and the office being cited as a great place to meet a mate, romance in the workplace is now inevitable as opposed to off-limits.

Workplace romances have been completely transformed due to more relaxed working environments, proximity of employees working together, and technology that allows co-workers to communicate more frequently and efficiently. Studies show that there are several motives attributed to becoming involved in a workplace relationship: love (people truly wanting to be together), ego (the desire for excitement and adventure), job (pursuing work-related benefits), and power (seeking to achieve power and visibility in-and-out of work).

Whatever the motive, workplace relationships disappearing anytime soon.  Companies that have been slow to adopt policies regarding such relationships are getting on the ball and working them in to their existing policies.  Workplaces will only continue to grow as a place to meet a potential love and it seems many people are taking advantage.

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