Monday, May 17, 2010

What to Do When Your Office Romance Goes Sour

One of the possible downsides to having an office relationship is the possiblity that the relationship may end.  This creates an awkward situation for all involved as the previously romantically involved individuals are now forced to work together and act in a professional and civil manner even though the relationship did not work out.

If the relationship ends, however difficult, the people previously involved in the relationship must remain professional at all times.  By entering into an office relationship, you accept the possibility that the relationship could end and that you will need to continue to see each other and work together on a daily basis.

Neither of the individuals involved should attempt any sort of sabotoge, revenge, or retaliation.  If a party feels that they are being harassed or treated negatively in any way, then they should report this to the human resources department immediately.

If the company requires it, the relationship should be reported to human resources both at it's inception and dissolution.  Following these procedures will protect both the employees and company in the instance of any backlash or retaliation by either member of the previous relationship.

If either member feels they cannot act professionally in the office towards their previous mate, then they should attempt to transfer to another department, or find another position outside the company.  Causing problems in the office post-relationship can have a detrimental affect on one's career, as well as their co-workers.

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