Monday, May 17, 2010

How Workplace Romances Can Positively Affect Productivity

While workplace romances can have negative affects on productivity, they can also have positive results.  Office romance can actually foster productivity and create a more positive working environment.

Positive work performance and motivation is often directly related to an involved person’s loving feelings toward someone in the same organization. In fact, those involved in a successful workplace romance tend to be happier, enthusiastic, and more motivated in the office. Furthermore, those involved will often be determined to alleviate a managers’ fears that the relationship will have a negative affect on their performance.  Therefore, they will work harder to demonstrate that the relationship is not having a negative affect on their work.

Additionally, co-workers may be happy to see a successful couple in love, and with a renewed enthusiasm for their job and performance. Groups can become happier and more cooperative together with the introduction of a new social aspect in the group. If a couple maintains professional demeanor in the office, then co-workers are likely to be much more accepting of the relationship.

If the relationship continues into something more serious such as marriage, the positive affect can grow even stronger.  There are many examples of couples working happily and productively together.  This relationship can foster teamwork and closeness in the office and have positive results.

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